Representation before public and administrative courts and quasi-judicial committees

Public judiciary: Public judiciary representation includes defending clients in courts where civil, criminal and other legal disputes are decided. Lawyers who represent clients before the public judiciary present arguments, evidence, and legal arguments to support their clients’ positions and protect their rights. This may include litigation discussions, negotiation and settlement to resolve legal disputes in court.

Administrative judiciary: Representation before the administrative judiciary involves challenging decisions issued by government agencies, departments, or officials through administrative appeals or judicial review. Lawyers who represent clients before administrative jurisdiction deal with complex administrative procedures, laws, and regulations to challenge administrative actions that may adversely affect their clients’ rights or interests. This may include filing appeals, presenting legal arguments, and defending clients before administrative courts or specialized administrative courts.

Quasi-judicial committees: Representation before quasi-judicial committees includes appearing before specialized bodies that have the authority to adjudicate disputes or make decisions in specific areas of law or regulation. Lawyers who represent clients before quasi-judicial panels present arguments, evidence, and legal briefs to support their clients’ positions and interests. This may include appearing before licensing boards, disciplinary committees, or regulatory bodies with quasi-judicial powers to resolve disputes, enforce regulations, or make decisions affecting individuals or organizations.

In all of these contexts, effective representation before diverse jurisdictions requires legal expertise, strategic advocacy, and a deep understanding of the legal principles and procedures that govern each court. Lawyers who represent clients before the public judiciary, administrative judiciary, and quasi-judicial committees play a critical role in protecting their clients’ rights, defending their interests, and seeking positive outcomes through skilled legal representation and advocacy.

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